Monday, February 3, 2014

Pristine parenting and clean up at check out!

One of these days I will learn, to grocery shop alone by any means necessary. I'll learn that it's worth paying my little brother in pizza to baby sit my wild babies, just so I do not have a heart attack every 4.7 seconds at the store. One child is always unbuckled (somehow??) from his belt at the front of the cart, trying to swan dive onto the floor. The other is picking up random items (Oh! mustard! this looks fun!) and throwing it in random strangers carts. And I'm over in the frozen section trying to find the dang organic blueberries. Yikes. Don't go to the Cassleberry Aldi at around 10ish every other Saturday, unless you want to see some pristine parenting going on in the seasonal isle.

I have finally trained the boys to do one thing exceptionally well when it comes to shopping. Check-out! One brother sits in the cart, hands the brother standing by me an item, and I place it on the belt for them. This is a pretty good system until we get to the wine...And then slippery hands aren't really ideal. "Clean-up at check out! I re-peat clean up at check-out! we need a mop y'all!"

In the midst of the craziness a lady walked out with me and told me she thought I was the kindest mama she'd met, and I was doing something right because my children were beautiful. I wondered if maybe she had been drinking some of that spilled wine...jk. I almost wept. Sweet, sweet lady. Made my day.

Aside from the shenanigans, this was a pretty successful Saturday of grocery shopping. Our oven is still broken due to three different people coming and and having three different opinions, all different from mine. Hello boys, this housewife can Google!
Therefore when making my grocery list I had to be honest with myself. I will most likely not be able to make a lot of snacks from scratch and cook a lot of dinners I had originally planned. So you may find my grocery list and menu slightly less healthy than usual, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Alrighty first is my Aldi trip:

Roasted veggie crackers 1.79 (These will be for turkey pepperoni. Ben likes to make sandwiches with them)

3 bags of Love Crunch dark chocolate organic granola 2.99 each(snacks for the boys and I)

Organic animal crackers 1.79 (snacks or breakfast with dried fruit)

2 packages Organic teddy grahams 2.49 each (these are in individual sacks, great for lunches out)

2 Organic cheese and pepperoni pizza 3.49 each (These are how we pay my little brother to babysit. His oven works! haha)

Organic O's cereal 1.99 (breakfast and snacks)

1 package organic strawberries and 2 Blueberries 2.69 each

1 large bag of non organic berries 2.29 (all frozen fruit is so smoothies)

Fruit and nut bars 3.99 (These are the aldi equal to kind bars. Yum!)

Organic spinach 2.49 (for smoothies, on tacos, for breakfast)

2 packs of tortillas 1.99 each (For quesadillas, breakfast burritos, tacos)

turkey pepperoni 2.79 (We never buy these but I got it as a treat for Ben)

3.25lbs of bananas 1.43 (smoothies, snacks)

Sour cream 1.29 (for tacos, curry chicken salad sandwiches)

Red and yellow peppers 2.29 (for roasted peppers pasta sauce)

Guacamole 2.99 (for tacos, dip, and bbq chicken quesadillas)

Shredded cheese 2 packages 2.99 (tacos, quesadilla, etc)

2 Whole bean breakfast blend coffee 3.99 each (I grind mine fresh every morning for my perculator)

4 packages of uncured bacon 3.89 each

2 packages non GMO big dipper corn chips 1.79 (nachos, etc)

BBQ sauce 2.29 each (crock pot bbq chicken)

Dried berries 2.49

2 Winking owl Merlot 2.89 each

I spent a little more than usual but it's worth it to be stressing less about when the oven will be working.

As usual here is my February Meal plan:

Meals for February:

Bacon and eggs and granola
Granola and scrambled eggs
Organic animal crackers with apples dipped in peanut butter and honey
Eggs over spinach with hollandaise sauce
Organic cheerios with dried fruit
Cinnamon Rolls
Potato and cheese skillet with eggs
Florentine hash skillet
Whole wheat chocolate chip muffins
Oatmeal with dried fruit and maple syrup


Hot dogs and chips and dried fruit
Granola and bacon
Annie's Bunnies and cheese
Left overs
Bean and cheese burritos
Grilled chicken in rice with green veggies
BBQ chicken and guacamole quesadillas
Tacos or nachos
Curry chicken salad over Hawaiian rolls
BBQ chicken over baked potatoes with broccoli


Loaded twice baked potatoes
Veggie fried rice Meatballs and potatoes
Korean Beef over rice
Burrito rice bowls
Broccoli and cheese soup
Crockpot pineapple chicken
Chicken and asparagus penne pasta
Roasted red paper Alfredo
Chicken avocado soup, or some kind of tortilla soup
Egg-drop soup and garlic chicken over fried rice

And for recipes here is my pinterest board for February:

I also went to Costco and spent 62.21 this time I kept my receipt! I also will be heading to the farmers market tonight to buy three gallons of raw milk and 2 dozen eggs. I'l be blogging about that trip tomorrow :) It's 80 here! So don't hate me but I'm going to go lay outside and get some sun :)

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