Sunday, November 7, 2010

It takes three to tango

On Sunday, the cabin fever officially set in. It was day six of baby Ben's snuffy nose/cold, and I needed to see real humans. Chris Bunny and Baby Ben don't truly count. Mostly because I call Chris, Bunny, and Ben is a baby. And you should never take anyone seriously who has the word Baby, or Bunny in their name. Don't quote me on this.

Thank goodness Chris was home from work, so after lots of naps and nose blowing (Well, Baby Ben can't blow his own nose, so thats part of his whole issue) we bundled Baby up in lots of blankets and a super cute teddy bear hat, and took a walk to the Maitland library.
Now anyone who knows Chris and I, knows that we are huge book worms. Like super nerdy.

Once in the library Chris went towards his favorite section, and Baby Ben and I went to the Baby Books section. I picked out some cute books like "Ginger Bread Baby" and "My first alphabet" for the little Benny Bug. Each time I picked out a book Ben would inform me if he liked it or not by clapping his hands together. He seemed to be especially excited to read Ginger Bread Baby.
When it was time to go, I passed by a book that was called "And Tango Makes Three" about a family of penguins! Not only do I LOVE penguins, but the title reminded me of the saying I think is hysterical "It takes two to tango". So I grabbed it up and got so stinking excited to read it to Baby Ben that night.

I even told Chris on the walk home about the book, and he got excited to read it as well.
By the time we got home Baby Ben was grumpy, and hungry, so the book was forgotten in the midst of home made baby food and chicken veggie soup for Mommy and the Daddy-man. After bath time, Daddy Jim called, and after talking to him, and cleaning up after dinner, it was time for bed for the Benny bug.
After putting the Bug to bed, Chris and I sat outside with a glass of red wine, and I remembered the penguin book!

So while sipping the wine, I got the book and started reading it out loud (I know our neighbors think we're nuts!), just so we could practice reading it for Benny tomorrow.

Now, Before I tell you about the book, I feel like I need to inform you (In case you haven't read my resume) that I am SUPER DUPER unapologetically conservative. I've worked for seven politicians on seven different campaigns, and six of them were as conservative as it gets. One I'm pretty sure was an under cover democrat, but who's counting?

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, onto the book:
It started out as a sweet little book, about the central park zoo. Aw! Fuzzy little zoo animals are just so precious!
Then onto sweet little penguins. I got a little suspcious when the story started off with a couple of penguins named "Silo and Roy". "Silo and Roy?" I said to Chris Bunny. "Wonder which ones the girl?" As soon as the words came out of my mouth I skipped quickly to the last page of the book (Just call me Harry, Chris can be Sally, for all your When Harry Met Sally fans)
"Baby Tango lived happily together, with her two Daddy Penguins"

Before the last words were out of my mouth Chris let out a shrill little girl laugh, once he'd realized what he'd done however, he changed it to a deep belly laugh, glancing at me nervously out of the corner of his eye.
Lucky for Chris and his little school girl giggle, I was much to concerned with the fact that I'd checked out a gay library book for my precious baby boy!
I gingerly laid the book down on the outside coffee table, finished off my glass of wine, and decided I was going to let Chris pick out all of Baby Ben's books from now on. (Except, that little girl giggle was pretty gay..hehe...)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Roller-coaster rides and dirty dishes

First off I need to apologize for not updating the blog sooner than this!

We've had quite a bit going on.
Here's the short version: (The long version would have you reaching for an alcoholic beverage)

In August-We move to Orlando Florida when Chris accepted a job with Homeland Security.
We settled in an incredible little town called Maitland. We live next to Lake Lily, where Baby Ben and I have perfected our turtle and duck feeding skills. We're pretty impressive. I won't lie.
We found an amazing church that we love, called City Church.

Right when we started to get settled into a pretty easy routine of Chris going to work, Baby Ben rolling over, and me perfecting my laundry folding techniques, Mimzey came to town! (That's Missy Flanagan to everyone but Baby Ben)
Sadly, one day into her visit, my grandmother Puddie started to go down hill, health wise.
Precious Puddie passed away three days later on September 10th. I'll write up another post later on Puddie's death, because there is too much to write on it for now.
Baby Ben and I got on a plane and headed to Mississippi for Puddie's funeral.
Never underestimate the power of a husband who can walk you through security and straight to your gate at the airport. Major cool points to the Daddy-man.

The Bug did quite well on his first flight (I think he thought he was on a roller coaster ride. He kept standing up in my lap when we hit a bump and cooing "weeeeeee!"), and was a precious angel during Puddie's funeral. I couldn't be more blessed.

After returning home (and doing the dishes Chris forgot to do for three days. Ew! Ew! Ew!) we settled back into Florida life. I realized how much I love our little home God has given us. It's not Hernando, MS, but in some ways it is so much better. Chris and I have a lot of past back in MS, and it's nice to start out own story here.

In October I turned 23. It was insanity to look back and remember what was going on in my life that time last year. Let's just say this, Chris was the only one who sang Happy Birthday to me on birthday 22. Haha. A week after my birthday, Baby Ben turned 7 months old! He can sit up all by himself, and is eating us out of house and home. (No really. I caught him licking the carpet the other day)

In late October/ early Novemver, Chris's Daddy suffered a heart attack, and underwent triple bypass surgery. He is finally home and recovering, and we are so glad he's doing better. Sadly, that meant his parents had to cancel their visit, which was scheduled for this weekend. We miss them terribly, but are super excited to see them, and the rest of the Merrifield family at Christmas in Denver. Baby Ben cannot wait to meet all his cousins!

In 9 days, Baby Ben will be 8 months old! He weighs 20!!!!! pounds, and is in 12 month clothing. It feels so strange to have an 8 month old baby boy. We feel like we JUST brought him home from the NICU, weighing a little less than 5 lbs. His jolly personality keeps me laughing all day long. It breaks my heart, but fills me with joy when he smiles at me and I see his Uncle Ben in him.
His blue eyes are one of my favorite things about him, and I can already tell he will be a heart breaker (which reminds me of my pink bike I got at 6 years old that had Heart breaker written across it. hmmmmmm. Wonder if they still make those? haha)

Thanksgiving is coming upon us quicker than usual it seems, and we are super excited that my parents will be here for it (With Uncle Robin!) in two weeks.
In between all of this craziness, I did find time to get some blonde high lights and get back to a size 2 (I know, I was looking pretty Desperate Housewives for awhile there and not in the good way!)
I hear Ben Bug waking up from his much needed nap. He's had a snuffy nose for five days now.
More post to come soon.
Love y'all!