Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I will cut you!

I've been batting a thousand lately when it comes to parenting out in public. I took Ben to the Goodwill store (They have amazing wrapping paper, for .25 a roll. I like to stock up for Christmas!) and while we were there he ate a crayon...30 seconds later he threw up said crayon. My super fast mommy like reflexes helped me catch it all in my hands (I know..I know..gross). So there I was, standing in Goodwill, holding throw-up considering wiping it all on my shirt, Ben was HOLLERIN' "Momma!!!" at the top of his lungs. I mean, it really doesn't get any classier than that...Well maybe if I had, had sponge rollers in my hair. The girl at the check-out clerk sauntered over with a roll of paper towels and handed them to me with a glare. I smiled politely at her and cleaned up all the throw up. I finally made my way to the check-out, and while paying, thanked the lady for the paper towels. "So sorry! He's just 110% boy, and he thinks everything either belongs in his mouth or should be covered in mud." I said to her with my best southern drawl I could muster. She glared at me and informed me all FOUR of her children at that age weren't little monsters. So I punched her lights out....... Hahahaha!! Just kidding. I'd have lost that fight. She was (as my momma says) a BIG girl, and although I'm scrappy, I was worried while I was throwin' down with Miss. Judgmental Ben was going to somehow find another crayon to swallow. So I smiled again, took my receipt, and my "little monster" and walked out. And on the way home Ben and I worked on our best impressions of Bon Qui Qui. "I will cut you!!!!"

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