Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I learned from Mimsey

I think as a teenager and even college student, we are so quick to disregard most everything our Mothers tell us. Don't get your belly button pierced. It's trashy. I did. And it did look trashy on me. Make your bed. It makes the whole room look better. I didn't, and my room was always messy. Buy clothing that is made well, and it will last you for years. I didn't, and it didn't last. Do not drink too much beer, you'll gain weight. I did, and yes I gained weight. Yet as a newly wed, and then later, a Mother myself, I find myself quick to glean as much wisdom from my own Mother, as often as possible. I call her for EVERYTHING. Example "Baby Ben fell in the toy box, do you think he will survive?!!"

I also hear her voice in my head every hour of hour day. Much like I hear my grandmother Puddie saying "kick kick kick!" (That's a whole other blog post!!)

I could fill up an entire book of incredible yet simple things my Momma (Mimsey to Baby Ben) has taught me through her words and examples, but here are some highlights:

If you don't splurge on anything else, splurge on: Nice sheets, and nice towels. And get them monogrammed.

Do the dishes before bed, you will feel so much better when you wake up to a clean kitchen.

If you don't give anything else, give GRACE. Give lots of it.

Even if you can't cook or don't have time, you can make a quiche. (Ironically my Mother-in-law feels the same way, which makes me love her even more)

Never underestimate the power of two things: Knowing how to spell, and having nice handwriting.

When in doubt, button that extra button on your shirt! It's never okay for your bra to show. EVER.

Get you pants hemmed, it's worth the cost.

Buy stationary. And use it! A handwritten note is so much more powerful than an email.

Put on your top bed sheet inside out, that way when you fold it over, the nice side is up.

Buy white towels and white sheets. They are easy to wash.

Brewing a pot of coffee in the afternoon with a side of shortbread, makes any day just a little bit sweeter.

You can never have too many kitchen towels.

A walk or a swim will always put you in a better mood.

Sometimes, you just need a hamburger and a coke with crushed ice.

Blueberry muffins are perfect. Perfect for breakfast, perfect for a snack, and even more perfect toasted with butter.

Bake with whole wheat flour, take your vitamins, and eat organic. My Mom fed us organic before it was cool.

Spend the money on getting a good pedicure. It will last longer.

And finally, the sweetest lesson of all:

Say I love you as often as you can. And twice before you hang up the phone.


  1. I sure hope your sweet Mother reads this. :) Loved it!

  2. I love your mom. I've gleaned some great things from her, too. I loved reading your list of things. It makes me more aware to pass those things on.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. So sweet and cute! wish your mom lived closer so we could hang out with her mom often. Need to get together with all the gals and their babies when shes in town next, Id love to spend some time with her. And I agree on all of those wise sayings, ESPECIALLY the one about the coke and crushed ice!

  4. Two things:

    I want to read the Kick Kick Kick post
    My Mama and I always say Kiss Kiss. "I love you, Kiss Kiss bye" on the phone. Now she has Ella saying Kiss Kiss and will have Nora doing it in no time.