Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mopping and GLEE

The other night I took it upon myself to mop the floor. Normally I only do this under great duress, but before putting Baby Ben to but that night, I took one look at his knees and tummy (covered in dirt!!!) and realized it was about time to mop. Since Chris was at work, and not there to entertain me, I flipped through the tv channels to find something to watch while mopping. I found a GLEE episode. I've never seen an episode of it (I've been a BIT busy people!) so I thought I'd give it a try.
I didn't realize it until both actions of mopping and watching the episode were complete, but mopping and GLEE have to be my two LEAST favorite things. ever. Besides black eyed peas. No not the group, the food. They gross me out. I should probably get southern points taken away for not liking them, but I really do hate them. And GLEE. and Mopping.
However, I will say, mopping was bit more enjoyable than usual this time around, due to using Method brand mopping liquid. that stuff smells delicious! Nothing however, helped GLEE be any more enjoyable.

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