Friday, April 16, 2010

RUN. Don't walk.

Everyone tells you when you're pregnant. to SLEEP. And enjoy that sleep. Because you will NEVER sleep again. Now, I thought all of this was a bit radical. How could a 5 pound bundle of snuggles and cuteness be sole reason for my lack of sleep for the rest of my life? As well as my sweet husbands?
My answer came loud and clear the first night our little spitfire named Ben came home from the NICU.
Holy Cow. I realized that night in the midst of falling asleep feeding him, and crying at the 100th time he spit his pacifier out, that this kid is the culmination of all my misbehaving and then some. He's retribution for all the heck I put my poor parents through my freshmen year, and Chris's punishment for dating too many women in his 20's (Haha. Sorry. Couldn't resist)

Finally at 5am, I swaddled the baby in his miracle blanket *THANK YOU Aunt Julie!!!!* and He fell right asleep. Chris took one look at me, and ran like a speeding bullet to his recliner to sleep for an hour before he left for work and I sat in our bed wide eyed and wondering if I could spell Merrifield correctly at that point.
So my new thoughts on sleeping are as follows....

RUN. Don't walk to bed. And sleep while you can.
And the great news is, I hear it only gets wilder from here!


  1. Wow! That blanket sure is a miracle! Glad I could help out. Hope to see you, Chris and Ben this summer.

  2. The miracle blanket is WONDERFUL! I think Ford slept in it for 3 or 4 months! I called it his straight jacket!! You have to do what you can to get some sleep!