Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chocolate covered raisins and crib hoppin'

Time has truly flown by, here in Merrifield-land.
Suddenly Christopher Robin will be TWO months old in three days. I can't believe it. I feel like we just had him.
Of course it doesn't help, that he truly is a dream baby. Yes he still wakes up for feedings at 12 and 4am, but compared to Ben at that age, he's amazing! He is on a great schedule, and truly has a precious little personality. He's smiling and holding his head up so well. Mommy is so proud!

Speaking of Ben...That stinker gets cuter every day. It's unbelievable. He also gets in more trouble every day :) That little boy throws a temper tantrum when the wind blows. I find myself having a hard time navigating this new "Ben". I realize, as with most things with toddlers, that this is a phase, but dang it, it's a tough one! But it is such a reminder to me that we are all a bunch of sinners. I often times want to make his actions all about ME. "What am I doing wrong?", but I'm learning through prayer and lots of time spent in the word lately, that I have to take myself out of the equation. Ben having tantrums isn't about me. It's about a two year old, trying to communicate, and getting mad when he doesn't get chocolate covered raisins for breakfast. It's hard to believe in the midst of it, but it's truly that simple. He's a tiny little sinner, who wants me to know he's mad for not being able to eat the chocolate covered raisins.
Aside from tantrums, Ben has also been keeping us quite busy by crawling out of his crib. That kid can scale his crib and hop down to the floor in 10 seconds flat. It's impressive. But also dangerous. It looks like it's time to transition him to a big boy bed. Chris and I can officially kiss our alone time good bye ;)

The only positive that has come from Benny's crib hoppin' is that my parents must have heard the desperation in my voice in our recent phone calls, because they immediately setting about plans to come see us at the end of April. Thank you Jesus!!! We need some Mimsey and Daddy Jim. Ben will be so excited to see them!
And who knows, maybe Chris and I can go on a date, that doesn't involve a splash pad or the Shamu show....
That's all for now folks. I hear my boss (Christopher Robin) waking up.

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  1. love your writing style!! for some reason I have not seen you at church, keep missing you all!! are you in a home group that works for your family? blessings on your sweet family!