Friday, May 18, 2012

A time to bounce-and a time to rest

Well friends. It's been a rough week. Lots of tough news regarding sweet friends, tons of allergies, Baby C.Robin is cutting a tooth, I'm stressing about the move to a larger rental home, etc. (Basically I'm not sleeping!) BUT-In the midst of the craziness, I've been stopping and learning so much about my babies. Stopping to look them in the eyes, hold them, and tell them I love them. Because they won't be babies forever. (Right?! Somebody tell me they eventually grow up!) I'm learning Baby Ben is very much like me, Chris, Big Ben, and Robin! What a package! He has my energy, Chris's tendency to seek perfection, Big Ben's intensity, and Robin's ability to never allow anything to get him down. Lately the noise level of his zest for life has been nuts. It never fails, around 11am Ben turns into a little nymph! He starts running circles around me, waking up the baby from nap time, and leaving me wondering if his feet are even touching the floor. Ben gets to the point, where I don't even think BEN knows what he's doing. Hyper is an understatement. I can almost SEE the wheels in his little head turning. And eventually it ends with a total and complete melt down, I'm left with two screaming babies, and it's not even noon. But I've realized Ben is me! He needs quiet. He needs to sit for 10 minutes, build something with his hands, listen to music, and calm down before he melts down. Now I know what you're thinking, he's 2! and that I'm way over analyzing this little dude. But trust me, it works! Each time I pick Ben up, grab his baby (stuffed frog) and blanket, sit him on the couch with blocks, he looks up at me almost as if to say "Thanks Momma!". Ben is like me, sometimes he doesn't have an OFF switch. If it wasn't for my precious husband, sometimes I would never stop. I'd whirl around the house from project to project until I'd finally melt down. (But I get a lot done I tell you!!) It's important to me that I show Baby Ben, that his zest for life, his big personality, and boundless energy, are WONDERFUL blessings that can be used to glorify the Lord. But I also hope I can show him that there is a time to bounce, and a time to rest.